iFrodoll Personalized Black Baby Doll African American Doll Dora Purple

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    Lovely African American Doll

    If you are eager to find a unique Afro doll, you’sve come to the right place. Specially designed for Black, our black baby dolls feature sleeping eyes and warm smile with lovely purple outfit. Your little one can’t help embracing this African American doll happily and love it definitely when met it. Put on purple dress for your baby and cosplay with this doll for hours of fun! Take photos for your sweetness to record this moment!

    Exquisite Workmanship

    This black baby doll is crafted with soft, skin-friendly A-Grade fabric, it’s safe, non-toxic and chewable for your baby. PP cotton inside ensures softness so that your baby can snugly & tightly play, cuddle, hug, snuggle, grab and sleep with this black doll and have a safe & fun play.

    Personalized Gift for Black Babies

    Personalized black dolls could be easily done by adding your kid’s name on the skirt. In addition, you will also receive a free delicate Gift Bag. A special and memorable black doll for your adorable kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

    Up to 12 letters can be engraved. Please note the name you need to customize before ordering. After finishing the customization, we'll take a picture and send the personalized black doll to your mail so that you can confirm the customized effect.

    Sweet Moments with Our Black Dolls

    Our black dolls accompany with 100000+ African American babies’s growth. Not only a sweet gift for baby’s Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Baby Shower but a warm companion who knows her, shares happiness and sadness with her and gives your toddler confidence on its growing trip. Your sweetness can sleep with the black dolls with a sense of security and have a good night.


    We strategically designed the black dolls to be about  16.9 inches & 4 inches in height & width, which is the perfect size for babies to grab and play with easily.

    About Dora

    • Birthday: Dec. 25
    • She is a "little princess" with a happy life. She has a literary and quiet personality, and she knows how to empathize, take care of other people's emotions and feelings, and give people the impression of being well-behaved and sensible. Therefore, with her by your side, you will feel extremely at ease, and this will also be the best state in the world.
    • Favorite quote: ”Every day is the best day of the year.

    About iFrodoll

    iFrodoll is the main brand of the deep skin tone dolls. Designing funny and meaningful products for black is our brand goal. Our product series are constantly expanding, our dolls are suitable for children of different ages, and those who like to collect dolls. Each doll can be customized with name or birthday as a unique gift. All products have passed safety inspections to ensure 100% non-toxic. 

      Shipping & Delivery

      We offer free personalization which takes 2 working days to produce. All orders are expected to be dispatched within 5 business days of order received. Our dispatch timescales do not include weekends and public holidays. Deliveries will be assigned to our delivery partners and with worldwide delivery. The delivery time varies from place to place, it takes around 5-20 days to be delivered.